A Complete Guide to The Masters Tournament 2020

Are you a big fan of golf? Then you will not want to miss the chance to watch Masters Tournament 2020 without fellow fans from your favorite place. If you have just heard it now, or want to know more about the upcoming event, you have come to the right place. Here is the complete guide to the Masters Tournament 2020 for you.

The Masters Tournament 2020

The Master Golf Tournament trivial stuff

Did you know that the Masters Golf Tournament is often described as “Disneyland for Adults’ ‘? Well, it is because many people will make it once in their lifetime. Not all people can have the luck to attend the venue when the event is taking place. It is indeed one of the items in your bucket list event if you are a true golf fan.

The Event Schedule

The Masters Golf Tournament, as usual, takes place in the first full week of April. So, it is not surprising to see many golf fans are raving about the event months prior to the actual event. For 2020, it will take place from Monday, April sixth to Sunday, April twelfth. Since there’s a tradition that will never go away, you can expect the similar dates of the event for the next Masters Golf Tournament.

The Venue

Those who are willing to attend the venue must know about the place where the Masters Golf Tournament 2020 is held. It will take place in Augusta, Georgia at the Augusta National Golf Club. As the host of the show, the club is also contributing for the sponsorship of the event. The good fact here is that The Masters Golf Tournament is the only one of the four major golf tournaments which do not switch the venues for the other editions. So, you are going to expect to come to the same place to attend the Masters Golf 2020 tournament.

The tickets

For all of the diehard fans of golf, you still have the chance to get the tickets from the resellers. One fact that you need to keep in mind is that this event has been long known as `the toughest ticket in sports’ ‘. So, only few lucky people are able to reserve their seats by purchasing the tickets from the official channels.

The host of the event, Augusta National also offers a limited number of tournament tickets online. However, grabbing the ticket is like a lottery system. Only the winners are able to reserve the tickets. But each individual has more than one chance to try their luck. If you keep following it, you will have a chance to win the ticket.

The Best Day to be the attendees

As usual, Masters is a seven days event. Each day is important and pivotal. So, you will not want to miss even a single game from the Masters Golf Tournament 2020. There are three days of Practice Rounds and four days for Competitive rounds.

Audiences can see the closer scope because the practice rounds allow the viewers to approach the golf course. Meanwhile, you will not see this privilege in the competitive rounds.

The Cameras are allowed by the organizers during the Practice rounds from Monday to Wednesday. Meanwhile, the organizers forbid the camera in the competitive rounds which will take place from Thursday to Sunday.

The easy Masters 2020 tips

As mentioned, during the Practice Rounds, the organizers allow the attendees to bring their cameras. If you are able to reserve your seat, seize the opportunity! You can bring DSLRs for this reason. Do not bring your cell phone, It can get you banned from the event. If you are looking for gifts, make sure you come to the event as early as you can.

In the competitive rounds, you could walk the course. Folks are ethical. No one will move your chairs after claiming your seating spots. Make sure to bring the chairs that meet the guidelines of Augusta National. Also, purchase souvenirs as early as possible since they tend to get sold out sooner than later. The good thing here is that you don’t need to carry around the stuff when the event happens. You just need to purchase it up front and pick your stuff later. Make a shot at Amen Corner before people flock to the place!

Craving food and drinks? Don’t worry. Augusta National provides you a lot of culinary stalls that you can visit.