How to Get Masters Tickets 2020 (Guide)

Getting Masters Tickets 2020 could be a daunting task since it’s actually awarded by random selection after an independent application. It should be noted that The Masters Tournament’s site or is the only authorized source for Masters tickets. The tickets are still now available but the time is running out, you need to hurry to grab it. Be careful on any ticketing scams from other sources.

Here’s the possible way of how to Get Masters Tickets 2020

  • Sign Up An Account in Masters.Com

You need to sign up an account in with your valid email address. You should be at least 21 years old to apply. The application is only valid for one person or address, so you may forget about watching it with your kid except you enroll them through Junior Pass Program. It should be noted, you can only apply with a valid home address.

  • Complete the Application

Next, you’ll have to sign in with your verified account and complete the whole application form. The tickets are for personal use only and this application process aims to certify it. It means you can’t apply for another person or be represented in using the tickets.

  • Two Types of Tickets

Be aware, there are two types of Masters Tickets 2019, practice tickets and tournament tickets. The practice tickets are priced at $75 while tournament tickets are $115 each. You can purchase the tickets only if your application has been approved by

  • Ticket Delivery

You’ll get either the tournament badges or practice tickets mailed to your valid address five weeks before the Masters 2019 tournament. Masters 2020 is an exclusive tournament, the gate is open for the club members, guests, and those who have valid tickets for either practice session or the actual tournament.

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