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How to Watch Masters 2022 Live Online from Poland

Are you living or traveling in Poland? If you do, you might have been wondering about how to watch Masters 2022. The date of the event is fast approaching. You will want to reserve the option to watch this spectacle from your favorite place without any hassle or fuss.

Don’t waste your time and energy doing the research by yourself. Instead, take a look at our tips below to watch Masters 2022 live online from Poland.

Watch Masters Golf Live Online from Poland

The Masters 2022 Dates and Times

Masters 2022 will take place on Thursday, April 07th, and Sunday, April 10th. Make sure to circle your calendar so that you won’t miss the days of the event.

It will happen at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, USA. This place is indeed the place that the officials don’t want to change since it is a part of the tradition.

Which Channel will Coverage Masters 2022 in Poland?

The officials have confirmed that GOLFTV will stream the US Masters 2022 in several countries including Norway, Poland, and Russia. If you are in Poland country for any reason, tuning into GOLF TV to watch the spectacle from the beginning to the end. So, reserve a GOLF TV pass to watch the US Masters Golf event in 2022.

Keep in mind that GOLFTV can be accessible if you subscribe to the pass. It is also available on multiple devices and platforms. So, make sure if you already have a compatible device with a decent internet connection to watch the Masters 2022 without any hassle. If you are watching from the browser, make sure to update your browser to the latest version so that you can enjoy the service fully. Subscribe to GOLF TV Pass and you are good to go.

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How to watch and live stream The Masters 2022 in Poland

To watch and live stream the Masters 2022 in Poland, all you need to do is to subscribe to GOLF TV Pass. The US Masters 2022 coverage is already included within the package you purchase from your provider. The GOLF TV pass users will be able to watch US Masters 2022 through their laptops, PC, smartphones, and many modern devices. If you are mobile, simply download and install the GOLF TV app and you can proceed to watch the event through your Smartphone, tablet, or TV-connected devices.

Some social media also provide you with the link to the 2022 Masters Tournament. There are many people who are willing to share their links for free. But not all links are safe for you and the device. Be careful when you choose the live streaming links in social media since some of them are fake links. Some of them come with spyware or malware. Make sure to take precautions so that you won’t get scammed.

There is no such thing as free without a string attached. All in all, it is much better if you pick the paid live streaming option. Not only the quality of the video is superb, the paid live streaming option is also safe and secure.

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