How Many Masters Has Tiger Woods Won?

Tiger Woods name has been familiar for most golf fans around the world. He is the second player who has won the career grand slam three times besides Jack Nicklaus.

How Many Masters Has Tiger Woods Won

But what makes him different from the other prominent golfers is that Woods is the only professional golfer who already won four majors in a row.

How Many Masters Has Tiger Woods Won?

He has Five Masters titles. He managed to be the Masters’ champ and got the green jackets four times in 1997, 2001, 2002, 2005 and 2019.

Tiger Woods’ scores in those five Masters victories are as follows:

  • 1997:  270 (-18)
  • 2001:  272 (-16)
  • 2002:  276 (-12)
  • 2005:  276 (-12, won in playoff)
  • 2019:  275 (-13)

If we are looking back at the past, Tiger’s first rounds might surprise you. So, if you are wondering about what were Tiger Woods’ first rounds at Augusta National Golf Club in his previous four series like, you will know from this post.

In 1997, it was his first major as a professional. Tiger was with the 2-under 70 that day. Then he would take hold of three strokes the next day and came out as the winner.

To complete his Tiger Slam, Woods won the Masters for the second time in 2001.

He opened with a 2-under 70. However, the first round was not as challenging as the first Masters he was participating in. He must face the difficulty when there was a par-4 first hole. He went out in 2-under 34 and came back in at even-par 36.

In 2002, Woods joined Jack Nicklaus and Nick Faldo as the players to win the back-to-back year’s tournament. Just like in the previous Masters tournaments, he opened it with a 2-under 70 score.

While many saw these as the bad start, it was not actually the big deal for the true champion.

In 2005, Woods was finally away from the worst start. At that time, he managed to get the 2-over 74 in the first round. It was indeed much better than before.

That would only leave Woods with the 7 strokes behind Chris DiMarco, the one who lead the first round.

But you know Woods. He is always in a calm state of mind. Being left for 7 strokes was not a big deal for him. On the contrary, he managed to make fantastic 16 birdies over the next 36 holes. He was able to turn the table around with his three-stroke which came through 54 holes.

It was undeniable that DiMarco was pretty strict in the competition. Woods would struggle in the final round. But he eventually attained the birdie on the first playoff hole. Winning the fourth Masters title didn’t make him feel like owning the world. He kept advancing and participating in various competitions since then although fans must wait for a longer time for him to make the comeback.

In 2019, Tiger Woods added to his Masters greatness by flipping his normal script in a Sunday matinee at Augusta National Golf Club to claim a fifth green jacket.

Woods evened the score Sunday, firing 2-under-par 70 and finishing at 13-under 275. He became the first $2 million man ($2,070,000 for the winner) in Masters history.

Who won the most Masters?

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus, nicknamed “The Golden Bear”, has won 6 Masters Tournaments, the highest number to date.

  • Tiger wins: 5 (second-most)
  • Most Masters wins: 6 (Jack Nicklaus)

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