Where To Watch The Masters 2024 in South Africa?

What channel to tune into when you are in South Africa? What is the broadcaster in the country? How to watch the Masters Golf 2024 in South Africa?

Where To Watch The Masters golf 2020 In South Africa?

If you have sort of questions, you won’t need to worry when looking for the answers since we have them right now here. So, stay tuned and read this post until it’s finished.

For those who are visiting or living in South Africa, you could tune into the SuperSport channel to watch Masters Golf 2024 right from your favorite places.

If you already subscribe to a package that includes SuperSport, congratulations! You are just one step away from watching the Masters Golf 2024.

Choose the channel and you just need to watch it through your devices without any hassle.

If you are not up to a TV device, the alternative that you can take is by using the SuperSport official mobile app. The SuperSport app is available for both iOS and Android devices. If you are on the go or mobile, you could use this app to watch the Masters Golf 2024 through your devices.

Using your PC or laptop? SuperSport also provides a live streaming service that you can use to watch the upcoming event through your favorite browser. SuperSport.com has the live streaming section to host the full coverage of the Masters Golf 2024.

To enjoy this service, you will need to subscribe to DStv premium membership first to unlock all of the features. But that’s not all. As the premium subscriber, you will also need to grant the active PVR to watch all the sports coverage live including the Masters Golf 2024. make sure you sign up with the DStv Connect so that you will get access to the service.

In some cases, it might be hard for you to find free wifi services when you are on the go. Even though your standard data plan is sufficient, you might waste your money in the long run. You can outsmart this challenge by streaming the SuperSport with DStv Now Data bundles offered by popular providers such as Vodacom, MTN, and Telkom.

Then you just need to download the DStv Now app which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Consider updating your OS first before downloading the app because it will only work on updated devices. Download from the official download page. After finishing, install and open the app.

The app will then encourage you to add your credentials. Proceed and enjoy the coverage from your favorite devices.

DStv Comes with various packages to choose from. You will come across different types of live streaming packages such as Access, Family, Compact, as well as Compact Plus. Take your time to explore your options and compare one package to another. But you can actually get the SuperSport channel in the Access package. So, there is no need to waste your money on a more expensive package if your focus is only on the SuperSport channel.

You can see the full schedule of the event at the official site of SuperSport, or DStv. You can also see the schedule in the DStv Now App as well.