How to Watch Tiger Woods Live Stream Online in The Masters 2020

Due to the pandemic, the officials have changed the date of the event to Thursday, November 12, 2020. On the good side, all of the golfer fans will have the chance to see their favorite players on screen, including Tiger Woods. There are many theories to propose on how the upcoming event will play during the fall.

Tiger Woods live online from Masters 2020

Tiger Woods is placed at 28-1 in the latest odd of the Masters 2020. Keep in mind that such odds can change when the date of the actual event is getting near. You might need to come to this page to watch Tiger Woods in Masters Golf 2020.

Masters 2020 Tiger Woods Tee times Round 1 and 2

What time does Tiger Woods play? Here’s the Tiger Woods tee times, grouping, players, countries for Round 1 and 2:

Tee timeGroupPlayers
7:55 AM EST / 6:55 PM +0612Tiger Woods (USA), Shane Lowry (Ireland), Andy Ogletree (USA)
12:00 PM EST / 11:00 PM +0625Tiger Woods (USA), Shane Lowry (Ireland), Andy Ogletree (USA)

Can I Watch Tiger Woods Live Stream on Reddit?

There will always be links shared on a particular sub reddit. Some good guys out there are willing to share the best information for you.

Watching from Reddit is free but there are some takeaways that you need to consider. Reddit and subreddit is free. But not all the links from the other users are safe. You need to cross-check and monitor their links.

Check out the subreddit which discusses golf activities or search on reddit “tiger woods live stream reddit, tiger woods golf live stream reddit, reddit masters live stream” You will find a lot of links. Make sure to fortify your device with updated antivirus to prevent anything bad from happening. Stick to the quality option only.

How to Watch Tiger Woods Live in Masters 2020 without cable

Back then long before the new date was launched, the officials had confirmed that CBS and ESPN would do the full coverage of the event. However, coverage will be divided between CBS and ESPN. ESPN would cover the early rounds of Masters Golf events. Meanwhile, CBS will cover the main event.

In most cases, you can tune in to CBS through your TV cable platform. ESPN might not be available right now on your TV device. Reach out to your cable TV provider to see if you can use CBS or not. ESPN is a premium sports content channel that you can attain through various official providers.

But many cord-cutters don’t believe that the Masters 2020 is just exclusive for some people who have their TV at home. If you have cut the cord, you will be surprised to realize tons of options that are available out there. Here is how you can watch Tiger Woods live in Masters 2020 without cable.


FuboTV has been around for a while and very popular amongst soccer and football fans. However, this service has managed to attract more fans because of its wide array of packages and excellent customer service. FuboTV is available in a limited area. So, if you are not within the area coverage, you could use the VPN service to unblock the restriction.

FuboTV also comes with a free trial period which you can use since you are a new customer. You can use this opportunity to assess the Fubo TV service and see how it would work for you before deciding to spend your money for their service.

Hulu with Live TV

Back then, Hulu was considered as the provider to showcase TV shows, entertainment, K-drama, and so on. However, time has changed. Hulu has made such an evolution by adding Live TV as one of their offers.

For an existing Hulu account, you just need to check on the TV streaming service. But if you haven’t registered to the site, you will want to use the free trial period from Hulu to assess the quality of the service. You can watch Masters 2020 through Hulu with Live TV with such seamless video delivery. Just make sure that you‘ve prepared your decent internet connection and a compatible device.

Sling TV

Sling TV is by far the most affordable service compared to other providers on this list. It only costs you $25 per month and the package already includes CBS. It is a small amount of dollars you need to spend to get over 40+ channels per month. If you are planning to use the service for a long time in the future, you don’t need to hesitate to reserve it for you to watch Masters 2020.

Sling TV also comes with the free trial for 7 days. If you haven’t registered one, use this fantastic opportunity to know more about Sling TV [platform and assess the services before spending your money on them. With a free trial, you can also enjoy Masters 2020 for free. It is a win-win solution right?

YouTube TV

For those who have been familiar with the YouTube platform, you won’t need to learn the UX again to understand the YouTube platform. In a nutshell, it is just like you are using the YouTube platform with a twist. YouTube TV is another great option to watch the upcoming Masters in 2020 without any problem. Indeed, it is not the cheapest option you can get from the market. However, it offers the premium bundle where the CBS All Access and CBS. If you are fond of the YouTube platform, this could be your option to not enjoy Masters 2020 live from anywhere, and anytime you want.


ESPN+ is one of the most renowned streaming services offered to you. ESPN+ is the extension service from ESPN. ESPN has been known as the top-rated sports event coverage channel. ESPN+ comes with sports and relevant games.

ESPN+ comes with certain bundles that can help you to save more money in the future. ESPN app will bring the TV coverage of the upcoming Masters 2020 to your favorite screen. It also comes with a free trial for the new users. You can also use this opportunity to assess the service first before proceeding.

CBS All Access

As mentioned, CBS will conduct the opening and early games. So, there is nothing wrong with running into CBS later on. This service is the extension from CBS. To activate this service, you will need to pay $5.99 per month.
CBS All Access, as its name suggests, will grant you access to on-demand and live events. In this case, you can easily find the Masters 2020 channels. CBS All Access service comes without a contract. That means you can subscribe and unsubscribe to the services anytime for your reason.

CBS All Access is also the answer for your hands-off journey. And when you are on the go, you will still be able to Watch Masters 2020 later on.

How to Watch Masters 2020 Tiger Woods Golf Free online?

FuboTV includes CBS & ESPN live coverage in its official package. However, the price is not the cheapest in the market. Still, you are not away from a great option to watch the 2020 Tiger Woods Golf competition for free.

FuboTV also comes with a 7-day free trial which you can use to try the services. But you need to be the new user to grant the benefit. Use your new account to watch Masters 2020 from 12 to 15 November. And you will still have 3 days after Watching Masters 2020 to enjoy the free trial period.