Masters 2020 Will Show Differently from the Previous One

As we know, Masters 2020 is one of the most anticipated male’s major agendas. Because of the pandemic, three out of four major events are canceled. It is sensible that all those attentions have turned to the most potential one, Masters 2020.

Masters 2020

Masters usually take place in March or April. It is usually an early event. While the US Opens are played in September and October, this month should be the turn for the PGA Championship.

For most people who are used to the Masters in the springtime, it could be a little bit awkward when welcoming the event later in the final quarter. You know how colors can be different in each season. It might be something that you wouldn’t expect back in the past. Rather than seeing the spring blooms, you will see completely different colors in the venue. So, you might have the same questions as other people. How the November Masters 2020 is going to happen?

Will, it is much different from its predecessor?

When it comes to the weather, you will notice the huge difference between the two versions. We cannot neglect the fact that this is going to be a cooler month. It can also impact scoring. The weather difference is typically a strong factor that can determine competitiveness.

The breezy day would likely result in an elevated number.

Meanwhile, we also include the heavy wind into the equation. It also has such a great impact on the direction of golf.

Then we’d take a look at Augusta National’s grass. The grass in Augusta National at the time of the event won’t be much anything like the previous one.

The players, however, will play the same things as they usually do no matter what the seasons. The reason is that the Bentgrass greens, which are living in Augusta National, can cope with the colder weather. The organizers have maintained the green’s climate and content in such high quality so that it will be great for the upcoming event.

The system can vacuum the water from the green to maintain the moisture. Not to mention that the system can also adjust the temperature. If the weather is too hot, the system can cool the grass down. Vice Versa, if it is too cold, the system can promote warming.

The Masters 2020 will indeed be different. But it won’t be much significant since we can see the best actions from the professionals.