Brooks Koepka Might Miss the Masters 2021

There’s another story that involves another major winner who sets to miss the Masters.

The four-time champion Brooks Koepka may have to wait for another year to participate because of the current injury. He has yet to win the Green jacket. The next chance will be the next year since he needs more time to recover from his injury.

Brooks Koepka Might Miss the Masters

The PGA star injured his right knee back then. And the right knee surgery was conducted last Tuesday. Due to this, the condition puts his status in indefinite for the Masters 2021. As we know, the first round will take place on April 8. So, it will be hard to actualize the plan to be participating from the first round.

The days are fast approaching the main event. It might be a little chance for him to get on track with his recovery. Koepka told the mass medium that he was going to listen to whatever his body said.

The Caption “Only 1 way to go from here” on his recent photos showed us that he was still pretty optimistic about his chance to join the riots. But of course, one should not neglect the recovery from the injury. It is a very important thing to do first before everything else.

He told the reporters that he had a right knee cap dislocation and ligament damage. He withdrew from The Players Championship after having time with his family in Florida. Apparently, he has been dealing with left knee and hip problems for 2 years.

Koepka’s latest victories were the 2017 and 2018 US open and the 2018-2019 PGA Championship. If Brooks Koepka really misses the Masters this year, there will be a huge change in the competition. The first major will shift.

But since the status of his participation is still ambiguous, we will have the right to speculate about his upcoming event participation. He has not determined his status yet to play the 2021 Masters, although he and his team set to exclude the Masters from the career agenda this year.

Well, the event will take place in less than 2 weeks. It seems unlikely that he could get 100% prime condition. The knee surgery recovery is not something to be underestimated. Koepka was not the favorite since he finished in the top 13 and lost to 17 golfers in the last three Masters. But he managed the Phoenix Open Victory back in February.